Build a positive customer experience with WhatsApp for Finance

Enhance financial services with BotPe on WhatsApp. Provide personalized banking experiences, streamline transactions, and build trust with clients in the ever-evolving landscape of finance.


Elevating Conversations on WhatsApp

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Secure Communication

WhatsApp CRM ensures secure and compliant communication with clients, allowing financial institutions to share confidential information, resolve queries, and provide personalized financial advice.

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Streamlined Transactions

WhatsApp Automation simplifies transaction processes, allowing users to check account balances, transfer funds, and receive real-time transaction alerts, enhancing the efficiency of financial transactions.

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Personalized Marketing

WhatsApp Marketing enables targeted communication, promoting new financial products, services, and updates to a specific audience, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

Build a positive customer experience with WhatsApp for Banking and Finance business

Conduct comprehensive KYC procedures, encompassing tasks such as ID verification and document authentication. Ensure a continuous and responsive customer support system available 24/7 to promptly address inquiries. Elevate your business presence by featuring your products or services through a WhatsApp storefront, presenting them in an interactive and visually engaging manner.

Use WhatsApp to enable conversational commerce for faster conversions.

Verify and generate leads by sending timely greeting messages and conducting follow-ups. Automate the follow-up process on WhatsApp with leads and prospects to streamline communication. Provide personalized financial buying assistance, facilitating tasks such as loan applications and mutual funds, tailored to individual needs.

Reduce customer drop-offs and churn by using WhatsApp as a channel to enable their financial journeys

Facilitate seamless customer onboarding through interactive messages on WhatsApp. Gather essential personal information and guide customers toward their next steps. Enhance information sharing about your products and services by utilizing PDFs and videos for a more comprehensive understanding.

Ensure a great post-purchase experience for brand loyalty

  • Share reminder notifications about recurring payments
  • Send out alerts on transfer limits
  • Help customers with account details and interest rates
  • Simplify account information updates and password resets
  • Share invoices, e-policies, e-receipts with customers
  • Assist in credit card actions (blocking, renewing, upgrading, etc)

WhatsApp Onboarding

Integration Kickoff 🚲

Begin by seamlessly integrating your systems with BotPe’s WhatsApp solution. Our expert team ensures a smooth onboarding process, guiding you through the initial setup and configuration

Customization 🛵

Tailor the WhatsApp experience to align with your brand and communication objectives. Customize message templates, workflows, and features to create a personalized and effective interaction model for your audience

Training and Launch 🏍

Empower your team with comprehensive training on BotPe’s WhatsApp features and functionalities. Once confident, launch your WhatsApp campaigns, and our ongoing support ensures your success, with continuous optimization and refinement for sustained engagement

Create delightful experiences on WhatsApp

  • Acquire Utilize click-to-WhatsApp ads to promote your BFSI products and services effectively. Address frequently asked questions promptly through personalized auto-replies, providing swift assistance to customers with their inquiries.
  • Convert Execute Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures, including ID and document verification, through a secure and encrypted channel to streamline the loan application process. Enhance customer engagement by upselling and cross-selling through personalized recommendations of BFSI products, tailored to their purchase history and credit score.
  • Delight Rewrite Proactively notify target audience of new offers, loyalty points and more. Send informative and educational content relevant to their needs
  • Engage Take the initiative to inform your target audience about new offers, loyalty points, and other updates. Deliver valuable content that is both informative and educational, tailored to their specific needs.

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