BotPe's WhatsApp Solution Redefining Travel Conversations

Elevate the travel experience with BotPe on WhatsApp. Provide instant booking confirmations, travel updates, and personalized assistance to make every journey seamless and memorable.


Elevating Conversations on WhatsApp

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Interactive Travel Planning

WhatsApp Shops facilitate interactive travel planning, offering personalized recommendations and direct bookings for a seamless customer experience

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Real-time Travel Updates

Automation features deliver real-time travel updates, including itinerary changes and delays, ensuring travelers stay informed throughout their journey

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Customer Support

WhatsApp Bots enable instant customer support, providing travel information, resolving queries, and enhancing the overall customer service experience

Generate more leads for your travel agency on WhatsApp

24/7 Customer Support and Agent Availability:

Ensure round-the-clock customer support and agent availability, offering timely assistance and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Automate FAQs for Travel and Tourism:

Streamline responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to travel and tourism, automating information delivery for a more efficient customer experience.

Share Relevant Documents and Brochures on WhatsApp:

Provide easy access to pertinent information by sharing documents, PDFs, and property brochures directly on WhatsApp, offering a seamless and informative interaction.

Cut through the noise and generate more leads on WhatsApp

  • Execute click-to-WhatsApp ads featuring exclusive offers for heightened interest.
  • Utilize WhatsApp links to promote on various platforms, including social media.
  • Enhance website engagement by incorporating a WhatsApp widget for instant conversations.
  • Implement automated greeting messages to follow up with customers and gather additional details

Reduce drop-offs, take bookings & payments for travel packages on WhatsApp

  • Gather package customizations and requirements efficiently through WhatsApp.
  • Share the final proposal and itinerary seamlessly on WhatsApp using PDFs.
  • Simplify the booking process by confirming reservations and collecting payments directly on WhatsApp.

Simplify document collection & submission for travel bookings

  • Implement WhatsApp automations to streamline the collection of necessary documents based on travel destinations.
  • Provide a secure platform for customers to share information, including passport copies, identity cards, COVID certificates, and more, over an encrypted channel.

Send proactive updates for travel booking confirmation, & reminders

  1. Implement automation for seamless booking status and confirmation updates on WhatsApp.
  2. Communicate booking progress for international travels, including VISA applications, and more.
  3. Provide convenient options for rescheduling and service requests through WhatsApp.
  4. Share boarding passes and e-tickets on WhatsApp for effortless document access and convenience.

Use WhatsApp to go one step further & deliver a truly positive customer experience for travelers

  • Enable easy hotel check-in services through WhatsApp
  • Offer to book for services such as wheelchair assistance, calling for an extra bed, taking restaurant reservations and more

Offer proactive post-purchase customer support and service

  1. Utilize interactive messages and reply buttons for efficient handling of complaints and requests.
  2. Securely request seller and property verification documents through an encrypted platform.
  3. Integrate with CRM to organize and maintain seller records seamlessly.
  4. Schedule call backs and coordinate with destination agents for personalized assistance.
  5. Manage cancellations and process refunds through conversations for a streamlined customer experience.

Keep customers engaged for repeat bookings & boost loyalty

  • Automate the collection of customer feedback and review requests efficiently.
  • Conduct surveys to gather valuable insights for continuous improvement in hospitality services.
  • Incentivize happy customers by requesting referrals in exchange for discounts.
  • Promote customer loyalty by encouraging participation in a rewards program for added benefits.
  • Simplify re-booking processes at set intervals for customer convenience.
  • Utilize WhatsApp broadcasts to share personalized travel package recommendations based on previous purchases.
  • Keep customers informed with updates on news and media mentions related to your agency.

WhatsApp Onboarding

Integration Kickoff 🚲

Begin by seamlessly integrating your systems with BotPe’s WhatsApp solution. Our expert team ensures a smooth onboarding process, guiding you through the initial setup and configuration

Customization 🛵

Tailor the WhatsApp experience to align with your brand and communication objectives. Customize message templates, workflows, and features to create a personalized and effective interaction model for your audience

Training and Launch 🏍

Empower your team with comprehensive training on BotPe’s WhatsApp features and functionalities. Once confident, launch your WhatsApp campaigns, and our ongoing support ensures your success, with continuous optimization and refinement for sustained engagement

Create delightful experiences on WhatsApp

  • Acquire Embed a WhatsApp widget on your website or share the WhatsApp link on social handles for lead generation. Address customer FAQs with custom auto-replies to assist in selecting the perfect travel package.
  • Convert Leverage WhatsApp for personalized recommendations, upselling, and cross-selling for hotels, taxis, etc. Boost conversions by retargeting leads from click-to-WhatsApp ads and facilitate quick settlements with payment links.
  • Delight Efficiently support clients at scale on WhatsApp while seamlessly collecting ratings and feedback through automated flows.
  • Engage Regularly send itinerary and booking details via WhatsApp. Establish automated and personalized notifications to deliver exclusive offers and discounts during peak seasons.

Elevating the Travel Experience: Exploring the Comprehensive Advantages of Utilizing WhatsApp for Travel and Tourism - Streamlining Communication, Personalizing Engagement, and Transforming the Journey for Both Businesses and Travelers Alike

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