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WhatsApp Campaigns

Suggest products, distribute catalogs, announce new releases, and boost sales within specific customer segments through targeted strategies.


Set automated flow after the customer’s response

Collect opt-ins, configure personalized auto-responses, implement automated workflows, dispatch catalogs, and perform additional actions when customers respond to your template message.

Segment customers for targeting & retargeting campaigns

Categorize your customers into distinct groups for more precise campaign targeting. Additionally, re-engage leads obtained through Click to WhatsApp Ads, automatically labeled as ‘ctwa’ on our platform, to guide them deeper into the sales funnel.

Transform Conversations to Commerce

• Missed a sale due to product unavailability? Notify customers when items are back in stock via WhatsApp.

• Reclaim lost sales by sending automated reminders for abandoned carts on WhatsApp.

• Deliver personalized and timely alerts to update customers on new offers.

Engage customers with interactive notifications

Enhance campaign effectiveness by incorporating rich media such as images, videos, PDFs, and more. Utilize elements like CTA, interactive lists, and quick reply buttons to actively engage with customers.

Monitor Campaign Performance

Track campaign performance metrics, including message counts for Sent, Delivered, Read, and Replied messages. Create targeted campaign audiences based on these valuable insights.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

WhatsApp Commerce is a business strategy that leverages the WhatsApp platform to connect with customers, showcase products, and facilitate transactions. WhatsApp commerce grows your businesses to engage with their audience, answer queries, and offer a seamless shopping experience within the WhatsApp messaging app.

To categorize products into WhatsApp Collections, you can use WhatsApp’s catalog feature. Simply organize your products into different catalog categories, making it easier for customers to browse and find what they need.

A WhatsApp Catalog is a tailored product showcase that you can create to highlight specific items or promotions. You can create one by using your WhatsApp Business account.

To set up automated checkout workflows, it is mandatory to configure WhatsApp Business API to your WhatsApp Business account. WhatsApp checkout workflow can guide customers through the checkout process, provide order updates, and even collect payments seamlessly.

Yes, many automated checkout solutions for WhatsApp are designed to collect payments securely. They can integrate with payment gateways to facilitate seamless transactions.

With automated checkout workflows, you can configure the system to place order on WhatsApp, get order updates, including shipping details and delivery notifications, to customers.